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OneSignal Alternatives - Find the best alternative platform to OneSignal

Our platform reviews are amongst the most trusted reviews of push notification platforms in the world. We spend hundreds of hours each month in not only testing various push notification platforms, but also performing detailed analysis on organic & verified customer reviews. Please read our terms of use for more information.

Below are our top 3 alternatives to OneSignal.

You can see detailed comparison between OneSignal and it's top alternatives in terms of features, pricing and customer reviews down below. We have picked and ranked these alternatives based on not only our own internal lab tests, but also verified reviews that customers leave on our website. In the table below, you can compare pricing, features and customer reviews between OneSignal and its top alternatives. We understand that it is not easy to move from one web push notification platform to another - we therefore try to provide you with the most factual information so you can make a well informed decision on your next website push notifications platform


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Price Per Month
(50K Subscribers)
Customer Reviews
?Our final rank based on a multitude of factors such as features, pricing, ease-of-use, enterprise scalability, customer reviews, customer support, etc.
?We expect vendors to pre-load images associated with the message to their CDNs before the push notification is sent out to shield original website (or their CDN) from image load requests. This is particularly important for push messages sent out using APIs or WordPress Plugins. If this is not supported then the original website will either face higher load (slow load times) immediately after a push message is sent out - OR higher CDN costs .
?Web Push Notifications are not supported by non-HTTPS sites. Push companies offer custom subdomains for non-HTTPS sites so that site visitors are able to see a popup window to the custom subdomain at the time of opt-in. Keep in mind that when push message is received by a subscriber of non-HTTPS site, it shows as sent by the custom subdomain.
?Being able to create audience groups that can be later used to send targeted push campaigns. Example: Send a promotional discount message to visitors from a specific country, who have previously visited a specific page.
Safari Mac
?For a non-HTTPS site, we expect the push notification company to offer a shared P12 certificate and, as a result, a seamless Safari integration. For HTTPS sites, we expect companies to let site owners upload their custom P12 certificate because shared certificate should not be used by HTTPS site owners. Keep in mind that if your site is HTTPS, you will need to make an Apple Developer account (which costs $99/year paid to Apple directly) to create a custom P12 certificate. The entire process is simple and should not take more than 1 hour from start to finish.
Large Image
Team Members
?Being able to set an event, such as a page visit, as a conversion goal before a push notification message is sent out.
Event Based
Auto Push
?Being able to set automation rules where a pre-composed web push notification is sent out anytime someone triggers a pre-defined event such as a specific page load. Example: send out a warm welcome message any time someone signs up to your website.
User Analytics
User Attributes
?Being able to add custom subscriber information from your internal CRM systems (such as User ID, Name, E-mail, Phone, etc.) to each subscriber so push notifications can be sent based on Custom Attributes.
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VWO (PushCrew)

Rank: 3

Rank: 3

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Rank: 4


Webpushr is a great alternative to OneSignal. It is a high volume and easy-to-use web push notification service for websites that is supported by all devices. We like it's intuitive online dashboard for marketers that makes it ideal for beginners or marketers that do not want too many unwanted bells & whistles if you will. It offers plenty of features such as user segmentation, pre-scheduled push and automated messaging at a much lower pricing compared to OneSignal. Speaking of pricing, we loved that it offers all features at any pricing plan - something we have not encountered with other products. There is no limit to the number of segments you can create (OneSignal limits it to 6 for the free pricing tier), number of domains you can add or number of team members that can be added to manage push notifications. You can read additional Webpushr Reviews here to get additional first-hand information.

Webpushr is also committed to subscriber/company privacy and does not sell subscriber endpoint information to advertisers. Reason we bring this up is because some other companies (including OneSignal) have compromised on privacy by actively selling subscriber information to fund their operating expenses.

Why is Webpushr better than OneSignal?

  • Unlike OneSignal (that has sold customer data in the past), Webpushr guarantees to never sell customer data to any 3rd party company (incl. advertising companies)
  • Webpushr is 70% to 90% cheaper than Onesignal. See Webpushr's Pricing.
  • Webpushr offers an intuitive and easy to use dashboard, as well as a better designed WordPress Plugin.
  • Webpushr offers advanced features such as conversion tracking (to directly measure ROI) that is currently not offered by OneSignal.


VWO Engage (Formerly known as PushCrew)

VWO Engage, also known as PushCrew is also a good alternative to OneSignal - although it is more costly to use on per subscriber cost basis. It offers most of the features that are currently offered by OneSignal. Although it's web dashboard is not as easy to use as WebPushr's, we do like being able to perform advanced user analytics and run our custom reports.



iZooto is another alternative solution to OneSignal that leverages web push notifications for companies to drive additional traffic and conversions. Like Webpushr, it also offers an easy to use web based console to view reports and manage web push campaigns. The pricing did surprise us. It is about 5 times more expensive then Webpushr and does not offer additional capability to justify such high price.


Frequently Asked Question

Is there an open source alternative to OneSignal?

The quick answer is yes. You can see multiple open source libraries on Github that can be leveraged to create a custom web push notification platform. We, however, do not recommend companies to do that. Being able to create a scalable solution that can manage millions of subscribers and record their engagement with your product - in addition to being able to send millions of highly encrypted push messages at scale is no easy engineering feat. We therefore recommend companies to leverage an existing API provider to power their push notification campaigns.

You can see additional HTML5 Push Notification Example here to learn more.

Frequently Asked Question

Cheaper Alternative to OneSignal

Webpushr is clearly one of the best cheaper alternatives to OneSignal. It's pricing is 90% cheaper than OneSignal. If your website just exceeded 30K subscribers and you are forced to start paying to OneSignal, we recommend you switch over to Webpushr as it is a no-brainer decision from an expense standpoint..

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